ALDOUS, Sheila

Sheila is an Enfield girl and Irish at heart. She writes poetry that is varied in topic and reflects her view of family, the world, nature, and life as she sees it. She writes of love and loss and the darker reaches of humanity. She is an award winning poet who has travelled widely, lived in Melbourne (Australia) and in Bermuda where she worked on the national newspaper The Royal Gazette as the Advertising Trainer. Sheila was awarded an MA from Exeter University and has been published in several journals including but not limited to Acumen, Obsessed With Pipework, Orbis, Survision, Dreamcatcher, and is soon to be published in Dreich magazine. She has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize, has won the Welsh International Poetry Competition and the Yeovil Prize, and has been placed in several other competitions. Most recently she was long-listed in the AUB International Poetry Prize. Sheila has two published poetry collections: Paper Boats, the Burning of Teignmouth and Shaldon 1690, a fictional account of the true event of the last invasion on English soil (Indigo Dreams); and While I Was Sleeping, a true story of forced adoption and the harrowing outcome for those involved (CloseToTheEdgeBooks). She also has a published chapbook: Patterns of All Made Things, a poetic journey of a nation’s rise from female subjugation to emancipation (Hen Run). The joy of writing poetry came to Sheila later in life and it has become an all-consuming passion. However, her husband is not happy because he has to do all his own ironing …

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