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The Poetry Sound Library is a world map of poets reading their own poems. You can listen to hundreds of poets from the past and contemporary ones from all over the planet.

Each poet reads in his/her own language. The Poetry Sound Library is a non-profit project which promotes the voice of poets. No written text of the poem is provided. We encourage people to listen even when the language is not known.

We provide a very short biography of the poet, in some cases we add a link to the website. We do not want too many distractions.

Usually each poet reads one poem but in a few cases you can listen to more than one.

The red marks are ARCHIVES and FESTIVALS and you can access hundreds of voices outside the map. If you click on those markers, you will be directed to external pages and archives.

You can send us your poem (read by you) or write to us for more info.

The map was opened on November 3rd 2018.