Poetic Voices is an online archive of poems, video and audio files of various poets, founded by Anthony Fisher.

Poems change when they are read aloud, and hearing the poet’s voice adds another dimension to the enjoyment of the reader/listener. It allows you to experience a poem in a whole new way, perfect for those who wish to further immerse themselves in poetry.

Poems exist in books and on websites, but are rarely accessible in their audio form. Although excellent recordings can be heard on platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud, we wanted to offer a platform which unites poets of all kinds from all over the world.

Poetic Voices gives a voice to all poets, allowing them to share their poems and/or recordings on a free, easily accessible, global platform. Each member will be given their own page to share as many pieces as they wish, a perfect way for them to get their creations out there and meet other artists who share the same interests.