The Story Room

The Story Room has been running creative writing workshops for children since 2013. We welcome children of all abilities, from the age of 5 to 16 years old. We started out in North London and now, with the addition of our Zoom classes, we teach children all over the globe.  Our aim is to nurture and inspire young writers, giving them the confidence to write and enabling that hidden writer within them to emerge and fly! We all love what we do at The Story Room and consider it a privilege to ‘work’ with the children who come to us. Poetic Voices is an exciting platform to showcase the talent of our young writers and to let their work leap off the page and into the listeners’ ear.  What a treat!


Tiana Rajamahendra

My name is Tiana, I am 13 and I’ve been attending Story Room for many years.  Creative writing is one of my passions and I aspire to be an author and to one day run a book cafe.  I love reading books, visiting book stores, and Japanese anime and manga.


Alexandra Yordanova.

I am Alexandra, and I am 11 years old.  I love to write and think up fun stories and poems!

The Day of the Mastermind

Emily Fleming

Emily Fleming loves writing poems. She wrote this when she was 10 years old.  She also enjoys reading, acting and sport and aspires to be doctor or pharmacist when she is older

A Place of Happiness

Brent Yee

is 11.6 years old and he is a huge fan of space. He also loves Star Wars and likes swimming. He lives in Hong Kong with his brother and two dogs

The World is Burning

Alice Raevsky

Alice is a young poet who loves musicals, drawing, playing Minecraft and getting lost in a good book

Dada Chained me to a Dragon

I am Mary-Ellen Dyson and I am 14 years old. I have been attending The Story Room since I was six! I really enjoy writing poetry, music and lyrics. I love theatre, and I’ve written a review for WhatsOnStage.


Mihir Shah

I am Mihir (aged 12).  I love writing creatively. The most important things to me are family and fun times with friends, sports and good food. I also love adventure and a good rollercoaster!

In the Line of Duty

Keana Visaya-Duhy  

I am ten years old and I love to write! As I’m an only child,  my imagination is sometimes a substitute for a sibling (although by means of logic, cunning, chores and a PowerPoint presentation, I’ve finally managed to convince Mum and Dad to get me a dog). 

The Falcon

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