Nurit Kahana HEBREW

Nurit Kahana

A published poet from Haifa, Israel, Nurit has published 3 poetry collections in Hebrew:
2015- “‘LONDONITY” , Carmel- Emda Hachadasha publishing House
2012- “POETRY-LABOUR”), “Emda” Publishing House
1989 “HAKRANAT HATZOT”  (Midnight Show), sponsored by the Tel Aviv Cultural Foundation, Yaron Golan Publishing House.
Nurit has taken part in poetry workshops in London, during her years in the city. She takes part in many and varied poetry events.  Nurit was among the first activists of the Israeli Feminist movement.
She holds a MA in Political Science and a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from Haifa University, Israel.
Now retired she had a career as a journalist (“Haaretz”) and media consultant and now edits a Poetry Facebook page, ‘Shira Veshigra” (‘Poetry and Routine”).

Languages: Hebrew, English, German, French.

Audio File – נורית כהנא

Audio file – Blossoming

Audio file – Not Far

Audio File – To Be Here

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