JONES, Terry

verprize13-2Terry Jones is a member of the Enfield Stanza group and of Ver Poets.

Over recent years he has given lectures and led workshops on poetry in Barnet and St Albans. Topics have included: ‘A brief History of Rhyme’,’ Shakespeare the Poet’, Charles Tomlinson, Dylan Thomas, Laurie Lee, Robert Frost, Wordsworth and Coleridge.

He has judged a number of poetry competitions on behalf of Rennie Grove hospice, Ver Poets and Preston poets.

His own work has been long-listed in a number of national competitions including Newark Writers, Norwich Writers, Salopian poets, Poetry Kit, Barnet Open, Ver Open, Enfield Open.

Terry is a widower with 2 sons and lives in Barnet.


Audio recordings:

Angels of Galway Harbour

At the barbers



The Windfall’s Complaint

The Children on Beacon Fell


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  1. Three of my favourites among your poems. It’s so good to listen to your reading of them. Nothing predictable – each line holds the attention while building the story. Geoff


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