JONES, Terry

verprize13-2Terry Jones is a member of the Enfield Stanza group and of Ver Poets.

Over recent years he has given lectures and led workshops on poetry in Barnet and St Albans. Topics have included: ‘A brief History of Rhyme’,’ Shakespeare the Poet’, Charles Tomlinson, Dylan Thomas, Laurie Lee, Robert Frost, Wordsworth and Coleridge.

He has judged a number of poetry competitions on behalf of Rennie Grove hospice, Ver Poets and Preston poets.

His own work has been long-listed in a number of national competitions including Newark Writers, Norwich Writers, Salopian poets, Poetry Kit, Barnet Open, Ver Open, Enfield Open.

Terry is a widower with 2 sons and lives in Barnet.


Audio recordings:

Angels of Galway Harbour

At the barbers



The Windfall’s Complaint

The Children on Beacon Fell


  1. Three of my favourites among your poems. It’s so good to listen to your reading of them. Nothing predictable – each line holds the attention while building the story. Geoff


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