Chadwick, Philip

I first started taking my poetic abilities seriously when a friend handed me a flyer from the National Poetry Competition 2004. Though not one of the finalists, they liked my poem Not Urban Foxes enough to wish to include it in their anthology, Still Life. Submissions to subsequent competitions and the selection process involved helped to foster my confidence and led me to experiment with a variety of styles.  I am influenced by my love of language and languages having gained a B.A. in Scandinavian Studies in 1978 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics in 1990. I was a member of Chris Knight’s ‘Radical Anthropology Group’ for many years and am involved with the Cornish Language class in London. I’m one eighth Cornish, which enables me to construct an ethnicity, and I’ve won prizes for verse in Cornish. Of profound significance has been the loss of a partner in 1990 and my experience within  the Society of Friends (Quakers), which I joined in 1995. I perform from time to time in the Open Mike sessions run by Creative Cricklewood. I love gardening and I work part-time as a market research telephone interviewer where I delight to use my voice.

An Ki

An Trumach


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