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Louis Cennamo is a British musician, poet, creative writer and holistic healer.

He enjoyed a successful career as an electric bassist, during which time he worked with many well known artists and toured extensively with bands in Europe and the U.S.  He has also studied and practised healing modalities and meditation in his home town of London and in India.

Much of his writing reflects this wealth of experience.  He has written and performed his work in London venues over the last twenty years, choosing the genres of poetry and short stories. He also co-created with poets Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley,  an inspired Poetry/Music event  in London, the ’Rhyme and Rhythm Jazz-Poetry Club’, of which he is musical director and bassist.

Published in various anthologies over the years, he has only very recently began to submit some of his new work, with five short stories published in online magazines in the last few months.. They are often created for the theme requested by the publisher,  as a fresh new inspiration.

Audio Recordings:

Quicksilver Messenger

A Universe Within


Tea With the Dalai Lama

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