Irene RichardsIrene was born in London before World War II during which she was an evacuee. She was educated at Latymer School, Edmonton. Worked in advertising and publicity until she emigrated with her husband and son to Melbourne.

During the 12 years she was in Australia she qualified as a professional Teacher Librarian and ran the largest Technical School library in Victoria. She also was elected as the first woman ever to serve on the Melton Shire Council and after serving for six years became its first woman Shire President.

After her divorce she returned to the UK with her two children and got a job with the ILEA as a School Librarian. After moving jobs, she spent ten years as a Librarian on the Hackney College Poplar Site. Gained a B.Hons with the Open University.

On retirement she became Chair of the Enfield North Labour Party and in 1998 stood for Enfield Council. She served until 2006 taking on various responsibilities.

It was after this, given space and time in which to think she resumed writing poetry. At first with the Enfield Over 50s Poetry Group; then she was invited to join the Enfield Stanza Group. Irene has read her poetry at a number of events with increasing confidence. Her poetry spans a wide range of topics reflecting her interest in the world around her and her life experience. She is open to criticism, regarding it as essential to her growth as a poet.


Audio Recordings:


Brief Encounter

Drought Victoria

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