Duggan, Mary[1279]

Light to shadow: poetry consumed to art I attempt to reflect magic: My Irish influences are obvious or undercurrent within these often lyrical sensual pieces. In the alchemy of poetic form I try to develop raw perception. Explore the sensuality in nature and life. Irish born. At present working I am working on a North London public exhibition. An active member of Enfield Poets and Stanza and Enfield Poets workshop I have exhibited locally at the Dugdale Theatre. Published in anthology and an active reader both by invitation at Civic events and poetic groups as well as pubs.

Audio Recordings:

Mrs Kitchener

Cello Practice

Marsden Grotto

Never Grow Up

Dinner Alone in the Mangrove

Storm Coming, What the Weather Forecast Will Not Tell You

Unmade Bed

Out of the Blue

Gently Tell the Bees the Beekeeper is Gone

The Chaser


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