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Mandy Coe is the author of eight books: six collections of prize-winning poems that have been published and broadcast in the Guardian, Radio Times and BBC radio and television.  Winner of the inaugural Manchester Prize she has received commissions from the Poetry Society, Bath Festivals and National Galleries and Museums.  Her work on teaching poetry has been published by Bloomsbury and Cambridge University Press.  Mandy’s newest poetry collection is “There Will Be Cherries” (Shoestring Press 2016).

Playful, profound and full of life.  Bursting like cherries.”  Janine Pinnion

“Mandy Coe is an original.  No one looks at and writes about the world like she does …. an almost Blakean sense of the divine in living things”.  Anthony Wilson, Lifesaving Poems (Bloodaxe)

Coe writes with a colour, clarity and simplicity that excludes no one … hers are poems you feel you can actually hold on to and touch.”  Cheryl Moskowitz, POETRY INTERNATIONAL.

Warm and tender“. Live from Worktown

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The tree that walks


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  1. amazing and sweet in the ears, I wish ii could read like you, you put so much life in it

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