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Nicola Baker

Nicola Baker

Last year (2016) a friend suggested I do some creative writing. I’ve written copy professionally (central and local government, charities) for years but I hadn’t been properly ‘creative’ since pre-O Levels.
So I joined a local group where members brought their writing each month for feedback. Blimey, I thought, I’d better start producing some. What emerged from my efforts at the keyboard contained some rhyme, some alliteration, some rhythm so I like to call it poetry.
I am now enjoying discovering the huge poetry scene in London and regularly attend open mics and readings, workshops and the North London Stanza group.
One of my poems was commended in the Barnet Poetry Competition 2016 and I took part in the Enfield Poem-a-thon in October 2017.
I hope to keep listening, learning and tapping away at the keyboard.

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