VIDLER, Karina


Karina dared to start writing poetry in her thirties, after wanting to for twenty years.  Reading other people’s poetry reassures her that she is not, after all, mad or alone in this world. Karina grew up in Kent, studied at Oxford University way back in what feels like a different life, and now lives and works on the hard-bitten northern edge of London.

Karina’s poetry has appeared in Prole Books’ collaborative collection Caboodle, and in the magazines Between the Lines, Equinox, 14, Orbis, The North, Prole, South and South Bank Poetry. Karina’s poems have been published in the anthologies Ordinary Magic (Poets Unlimited), Genius Floored (Soaring Penguin Press), Seeking Refuge (Cinnamon Press) and Journey to Crone (Chuffed Buff Books). Karina’s short story Bedtime Drink was placed in the Prole Books Prolitzer Prize 2015.

Karina is a member of Enfield Poets.

Audio Recordings:



I Give Up!

Polite Notice

Offering to My Father

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